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Know the exact time when to buy and sell any market instrument by using our award-winning seasonal algorithms.

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Seasonax automatically creates an annual seasonal chart based on recurring patterns over last 15, 20 years

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Find out the exact day when to buy/sell individual stocks. In our basic tutorial, we are showing you how you can make up to +100% returns with Adidas in it’s March rally.


Benefit from regular and predictable seasonal patterns that reoccur every calendar year.

Every industry exhibits unique seasonal trends, based on solid fundamental drivers as the timing of interest payments, the weather, investor sentiment at certain times of the year, tax and balance sheet deadlines, quarterly financial reports. Start using our seasonal algorithms to save time and to gain profits! Always remember: Nothing in the market is certain. But you can let probabilities work in your favour!

Seasonax enables you to identify easily profitable opportunities

Data presented without Seasonax

Based on historical data, seasonax unique algorithms generate prize and day accurate charts in real-time.

Data presented with Seasonax

Seasonal charts help users to easily identify and evaluate seasonal patterns without in depth mathematical knowledge.

Seasonalities are everywhere in the market

Single Stocks

There can be various reasons for patterns in single stocks


Silver is known for it’s strong seasonal rally during first two months of the year


The USD Index typically drops in December due to the upcoming tax and balance sheet deadlines


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Benefit from seasonalities

Nothing in the market is certain. But you can let probabilities work in your favor.

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